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With our fluffy hand-rolled falafels a best seller, it’s a no-brainer that falafel inspiration is this month’s topic! We all love a good falafel, but if you want to take your falafel to the next level, you can’t go past its partner in crime…hummus. It’s a match made in heaven. Check out our Ode to Hummus blog for some additional ideas to pimp your falafel.


It’s quick, easy and seriously tasty. If you want a salad that’s sure to pack a punch, why not pick-up one of our colourful selections of Let them eat salads as the base. Throw in some delicious falafels and you’re on your way. But here’s a tip – water down hummus with a bit of vinegar or lemon juice to create a yummy dressing with a ‘drizzle’ consistency. This is where the magic happens. For an additional kick, why not throw some pickled veg into the mix (kimchi if you like it hot). Yum!


You must try this! A spread of hummus, a salad combo – we suggest the carrot and quinoa salad with our risoni, preserved lemon and mint salad, top with falafels (of course) and balsamic onion jam. Wow! Or for a traditional take, why not try tabouli, falafel and garlic sauce – it’s a simple combo but always a crowd fave. Make sure you heat your bread first for that ‘wow’ factor.


So, you’re tasked with getting office catering…well, we’ve got you covered. Hot off our Let them eat catering menu are our falafel rolls with pickled carrot, fresh coriander and hummus (naturally)! Check them out today!


Everyone loves a good grazing platter…and as the weather warms up, a Mediterranean style meal is sure to be a winner. Falafels are a sensational addition to any grazing platter. But here’s a tip…make sure you cut them in half to show off the beautiful inside colour and place them next to its sidekick hummus!


Falafels are incredible in salads, wraps and rolls, but they are equally as delicious by themselves. Nutritious and filling, simply dip and eat your falafels as a standalone snack. To mix it up, consider dipping your heavenly falafels in a selection of dips. The Let them eat hummus, creamy pumpkin dip and onion jam are a great place to start for a flavour hit.

Ready to try one of these delicious falafel faves? Check out your nearest Let them eat location here.