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This incomparable dip, with the simplest combination of ingredients is both delicious and nutritious. Of Middle Eastern origin there are a few versions across the regions and much discussion about is origins and who invented it, so much so that I’m not confident enough to call it in this blog!


Hummus, Hommus, Hommous, houmos, hommos, houmos, houmus (but not humus as that is organic matter in soil).


Cooked blended chickpeas, sesame paste (tahini), lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and of course salt. There are a tonne of different recipes on the internet if you want to make it yourself or you can just grab a tub of ours –


Traditionally eaten with Pita at Let them eat we recommend it with

Although, some customers have it with EVERYTHING, even when it is gross (at least I think so) promise no judgement. You can up it a notch and have both hummus AND balsamic onion jam (for 50c) for those who love a high condiment ratio.


Tanya (Director) : Thick toasted sour dough topped with Hummus and fresh tomato

Danielle (Manager): The Pumpkin Salad from a previous post – all time favourite!

Daniela (Retail Manager) – Falafel and Hummus toasties for party platters

Reno (T & D’s three year old) : Just eat it by the spoonful from the tub and refer to it as “Thomas”.

Rachel (Norwood Supervisor) : Substitute as a salad dressing

Daisy (James Place Supervisor) : Mexican Black Bean Burger Wrap with Hummus and the Zingy Kale Salad

Liane (Marion Supervisor) : In burgers as a mayonnaise replacement

Edon (Burnside): Cauliflower Fritter Wrap with extra hummus and Kale Tabouli

Vida (T & D’s seven year old) – as a base on her favourite pizza instead of tomato paste- but she isn’t fully aware that it’s not meant to be like that !!!


Top your hummus for an easy level up (looks great for when you have guests or a grazing board addition):

  • Balsamic Onion Jam
  • Chilli Jam
  • Fried shallots or onion
  • Pomegranate Molasses, fresh pomegranate and a squeeze of lemon
  •  Zaytar & olive oil
  • Vegan Feta (and the a heap of veggie sticks.

Blend in with your hummus for some flavour and colour:

  • Kale or spinach blanched and squeezed lemon
  • Roast Pumpkin & Toasted Pine Nuts
  • Chipotle Peppers
  • Cooked Beetroot (steamed or roasted and peeled)
  • Roasted Capsicum
  • Cumin
  • Fresh parsley
Listen, you can make it yourself and it will be delicious, but if you are short on time then just grab a tub of ours. Check our nearest location to you.