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Let Them Eat has always strived to be an eco-conscious company, identifying ways to develop and implement initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. We have carefully selected products that support our ethos and use BioPak packaging that are made in Australia from recycled paperboard and are suitable for composting and, if not too soiled with food, recyclable. BioPack is the best product on the market to suit our customer’s needs while maintaining integrity for our environmental impact.

But there is only so much we can do from our end … and this is where you come in!

We want to challenge our customers to go completely single-use free! Whether it is bringing in your own mug, reusable coffee cup or a food container, we encourage this by offering a .30c discount. This will not only offset the cost of packaging but you will actively be reducing landfill.


Coffee Cups

Did you know that Australians still go through approximately one billion disposable coffee cups each year? That’s 2,700,000 paper coffee cups thrown out each day!

Using a reusable cup can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 92 per cent per year when compared to a disposable, single-use cup.

We know it’s convenient, but we implore our customers to take the steps to providing their own single-use coffee cup. Once you get in the habit, it is such a simple and easy way to do your part!


Food Containers (preferably glass)

Not only will we support you using single-use coffee cup but we also encourage our customers to bring in food containers. Whether you are grabbing your lunch on the run or stocking up food to take home, your containers will be accepted at all Let Them Eat locations*

*Please make sure you provide a clean single-use coffee cup and/or containers as, per South Australian regulations, your container can be rejected should it be reasonably deemed unclean or unhygienic.


We are here to support you!

For the remainder of July, we will be offering our customers not only our normal .30c discount but for our loyalty customers, you will also receive double loyalty points for your entire order when you bring a re-usable coffee cup or container!


Did you know we sell Let Them Eat Luxey Stainless Steel re-suable coffee cup? Purchase in-store or online.


Additional resources:

Plastic Free Foundation

Replace the Waste (Government of South Australia)