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When you buy food from Let Them Eat, we offer two flavoursome condiments with our meals (free of charge) – our hummus and our balsamic onion jam. We find that both dips compliment the flavour of our food creating additional flavour and textural complexity.

In this article, we explore the most versatile ways to use our onion jam. Don’t worry…we’ve made sure our onion jam is vegan and gluten free so anyone with dietary restrictions and preferences can still enjoy it.

The basic rule of thumb is that anything with mushrooms, strong cheese or beef will be taken to the next level with the addition of our balsamic onion jam. But there are a few other cracking combos we’d love to share. So, if you’re ready to get creative, simply purchase a jar of our onion jam at any Let Them Eat store and give these simple meal ideas a go at home.


The key to a good burger is the onion. By spreading our onion jam on your burger bun, your burger is instantly transformed from good to gourmet! This is due to the rich onion taste, splash of sweetness, and complexity of flavour. Try it today!


Winter is the time for rich stews, slow-cooker sensations and one-pot wonders. Whether it’s earthy or hearty, stews featuring lentils, mushrooms, root vegetables and beef will be enhanced by our onion jam.

Simply add a few tablespoons of onion jam to your stew during your cooking process or serve your stew with a dollop of onion jam on the top. Either way, the gorgeous flavours of our complex onion jam will be a welcome addition to your stew brew.


Toasties and open melts are another winter warmer favourite – and you can’t go past our onion jam to really get the party started!

We’d recommend this mouth-watering toastie vego combo – onion jam as the base, pan-fried mushrooms with a sprinkling of sage, a strong bitey cheese (e.g. provolone, gruyere, strong cheddar or even a blue if you’re game) and copious amounts of baby spinach. We guarantee you’ll be salivating at the smell and savouring the taste!


Like a hearty stew, our onion jam can be used in multiple ways to bring a frittata, quiche or tart to life. Experiment with dobbing (official term!) our onion jam throughout your frittata mixture for random punches of oniony goodness. Or for a more restrained approach, dollop a serve on onion jam on top of your frittata. Either way, it’s an ace accompaniment to lift your frittata from fine to fabulous!


This may be controversial, but we’re going there anyway! We know that the sidekick to a pie is always tomato sauce, but we challenge you to try our onion jam instead! Not only does it provide the sweetness you need to compliment the pie, but its rich, textural and complex flavour elevates the humble pie from simple to spectacular. Give it a go!


So, what’s the easiest way to take the humble hummus and transform it into something that’s out-of-this-world? It’s to add our onion jam, of course!

All it takes is a tablespoon of onion jam in the centre of your hummus, and you’ve got a cracking condiment that can be eaten with almost anything!


As you know, you have the option to select our onion jam or hummus as a free condiment with your Let Them Eat meal. For those of you who are eager to learn about what Let them Eat condiment goes which what product, check out our article ‘The Condiment Conundrum – What goes with what’.

Ready to pick up some delicious onion jam to pimp your plate? Simply head down to a Let them eat location near you.