Since 2008 Let Them Eat has been serving the Adelaide food scene and are seasoned professionals when it comes to attending and catering events – from festivals, large-scale events, private functions and even weddings.

To accomodate this expanding range of events, we now have our very own custom-made, self-contained Food Truck! Working closely with our design team, we have created every inch of this state-of-the-art truck to meet our exact needs when it comes to serving customers with speed and ease. We now have greater accessibility to cater for all types of events – no matter how big or small.

We pride ourselves on serving fresh, delicious and nutritious options suitable for all occasions. We serve food from our iconic vegetarian range you see at Let Them Eat stores or, for private events, there is versatility to select from our catering packages. Plus, we always have options to suit all dietary requirements.

Since soft-launching the Food Truck, our 2024/2025 calendar has been filling up fast. If you are interested in finding out more or making a booking for your event, please contact us directly via email: